AMIA Translational Bioinformatics Year in Review 2018 has been delivered.

I am happy to share the slides from my AMIA TBI year-in-review talk for 2018 (26 MB).  I delivered it at the conference yesterday.  I also have a supplementary file with “shout out” papers that I couldn’t cover but were great contributions as well.  I also have a bibliography of the papers presented here.  Congrats to all authors (and many others not highlighted in either file) who did great work this year.   I want to once again thank the AMIA student work group members who helped me gather and score the papers (they are highlighted in the talk), and the AMIA leadership for inviting me.

This is likely the last annual review I will do at the conference, and it has been a great 11 year run.   The complete set of slides for all 11 talks are available here.

For those who are interested, I have a radio show entitled “The Future of Everything” on SiriusXM 121 Insight Channel (Saturday mornings).  After the episodes air, they are freely available at (which links to Soundcloud) and on iTunes here.

I am mild-moderately active on twitter @rbaltman.


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