Annual call for AMIA Year-in-Review Talk!

Friends in Translational Bioinformatics (most in BCC to avoid long list),

Once again, I am preparing an annual review of progress in translational bioinformatics, and am seeking nominations for exciting papers published between January 2017 and the present.  The talk will be on March 14 in San Francisco as part of

The previous talks are available at:

This talk will be the 11th and I hope is a useful way to highlight great work in our field.

To remind you, I am looking for papers that relate clinical entities (patients, diseases, drugs, symptoms, signs, populations) to molecular entities (genes, molecules, RNA, proteins) using informatics technologies.  Self-nominations are welcome, and nominations of the papers of others are even better.  You can send me papers and I will worry about whether they are eligible.  I have a team of students working with me to sift through articles.

You can send me the paper, the citation, PMID, or whatever.  If you want to tell me why you nominate a paper, great, but you don’t have to–I will read the papers and try to form an opinion.

Thanks so much for your help.  I try to acknowledge all contributors in the the talk (let me know if you prefer to be anonymous).  Please forward this message to colleagues who may have thoughts.

Nominate great papers by junior scientists who may not get the recognition they deserve!


Thanks very much, your efforts help make this a useful exercise.

Russ Altman
Stanford University
Biomedical Informatics Program


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