Real quick: who is Russ Altman?

I’m Russ Altman and I am on the faculty at Stanford University.  I have been encouraged to create this blog in order to provide hopefully useful and edgy commentary on issues related to my professional expertise, which is biomedical informatics, genetics, medicine, and bioengineering.  I am on twitter as @rbaltman.


  1. I wish that there an easy way to enter SNPs of importance, that have not made it into the database sites (say those published 15 years ago, before SNPs were discussed). Just my gripe

  2. It is nice when highly regarded researchers like you start blogging,
    PS: It will be really great if you can add RSS feed option on your blog, it will be easy for your followers.

  3. Russ, it would be VERY useful if you had an RSS feed for your blog. It’s unlikely I will remember to visit your site unless it becomes part of my aggregated feed that I process regularly. Torst.

  4. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for good sources to find out what bioinformatics is all about. Specifically, I was wondering about the job conditions (particularly stress) that might be involved.

    My dilemma is that I switched from computer science engineering to molecular and cellular biology at the University of Illinois after obtaining my associate’s degree in CS. I am almost done with my bachelor’s degree in MCB and am really just looking for the most relaxing job that includes a salary that earns more than a mailman, my father’s career ;-).

    The reason that I’m considering bioinformatics is that it appears to be a niche market that is fairly high in demand, the areas that I have studied fall right under this field, I’ve had a semi-similar job creating software/debugging for a meteorologist, and I don’t want to kill myself by entering a medical profession.

    Are these the wrong reasons to pursue bioinformatics? I don’t necessarily have a strong drive for the field, but it appears to be the most logical next step to meet my goals.

    Thanks for your feedback :-)!

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