A magazine for biocomputation = BCR

One of the research projects that I help direct is devoted to improving and disseminating the use of physics-based simulation in biology–at all levels:  molecular, cellular, tissue and organism.   It is called Simbios (National Center for Physics-based Simulation of Biological Structures, http://simbios.stanford.edu/) and I may write about it more in the future.  We have done cool things like release software for simulating human motion, superfast molecular calculations on graphics cards, and other things.   But one of the coolest things about Simbios is that part of our dissemination plan is the distribution of a magazine entitled “Biomedical Computation Review” or BCR.   It was the brainchild of my colleague, David Paik, when we were writing the grant, and it is ably managed by David and Kathy Miller, the managing editor.   We tried to model it on the MIT Technology Review, which has great coverage of “techy” stuff from all over, and creates a sense of community among techies (ostensibly MIT alums, but I have no connection to MIT and enjoy it very much).  BCR is available online, but I really recommend that you contact us for a physical subscription because it is fun to hold and read, and it can be read in many places where internet or computers might not be handy or convenient.  We have some regular columns and most issues have a theme such as curricula in biomedical computation, women in biocomputing, human vs. machines, and other fun topics.  If you have ideas, let us know.  We are contemplating an upgrade in the web presence of the magazine.



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