We are blushing.

I just learned last week that my efforts to blog here have gotten some recognition from Nature Publishing Group (NPG) which has awarded the blog the “Nature Network Science Blogging Challenge 2008 prize.”  I was inspired to do this by my student, Shirley Wu, who also is a winner of the prize.  She has an excellent blog entitled “I was lost but now I live here.”   The prize singled out my entry entitled “One of my first post-genomic moments” and this will appear in a digest of blog entries they are assembling.

What’s the prize?  According to the NPG press release “Russ Altman and Shirley Wu win an invitation to Science Foo Camp 2009 (Sci Foo), the annual invitation-only scientific ‘unconference’ organized by Nature Publishing Group and O’Reilly and hosted by Google at their headquarters in California.  Since Russ and Shirley live nearby, the travel expenses included in their prize will be used to help other deserving individuals, such as attendees from developing countries, to attend Sci Foo ’09.”

I look forward to participating in the meeting.  I want to thank anyone who (?) voted for me.   I will try to continue blogging with fervor.  My colleague in Bioengineering, Steve Quake, will soon start blogging for the New York Times, I understand.   Who needs to write papers?  😉



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